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    Key Machines - JMA

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    Neo is the machine that brings precision and simplicity together when copying dimple, laser and special keys. It brings new features to its class, such as LED lighting and the protective screen in the work area.

    This machine has a new jaw to grip dimple and laser keys with no need for an adaptor.

    This machine is the first in its category with a new jaw to clamp dimple and laser keys with no need for an adaptor(there is a grip area for VAG® group keys, and another for Mercedes® keys).

    Our new key- cutting machine is the best option for those starting off in the dimple and laser key copying world. With a minimum investment, this machine can copy a wide range of keys. Its robustness and design with clean lines, along with its ergonomic use, falls in line with the new selection of JMA machines. Safety features include protective guards covering the moving parts and activation and stoppage buttons are easily accessible.

    JMA's years of experience in manufacturing copy machines have made it possible to include new features in this next generation machine, Neo.

    • Motor: 220V-50Hz 200W
    • Cutters: F1
    • Size and weight: 270 x 378 x 340; 18 KG
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