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    Key Machines - KEYLINE / BIANCHI

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     Ninja Laser combines the mechanical and electronic precision to guarantee unique key cutting performances and quality through two different technologies: a double speed prismatic cutter and an end milling cutter to cut with maximum efficiency door and automotive edge cut keys, laser keys and Tibbe keys by code, decode or depths.


    Ninja Laser is designed to better meet the requirements of the professional thanks to the mixture of these two technologies, which allows the combination of maximum cutting precision together with exceptional performance, at the same time guaranteeing extended use of the parts of the key cutting machine.

    Keyline S.p.A. is the exclusive owner of the Patent for Utility Model awarded to Ninja Laser in Italy (n. ZL2015200493) and China (n. 0000280987). The Utility Model protects the innovative double cutting station that characterizes Ninja Laser and that makes it a high performance and versatile machine.


    One of the highlights of the Ninja Laser is the AC jaw that combines in one unique solution one clamping system to cut most of the laser keys in the market. This innovation expands the wide range of jaws – from the four sided functional one for door and automotive edge cut keys to the Tibbe systems – and makes Ninja Laser the standard key cutting machine to duplicate every model of automotive keys, as well as edge cut door keys, present in the market.


    The modern and functional design guarantees maximum ergonomics to assure the use of Ninja Laser in all work places.

    The Liger software developed by Keyline stands out for its capacity to process every cutting system and easily receive software updates. Complex operations are made extremely simple and intuitive thanks to the modern color interface, which is simple and easy to learn.

    Ninja Laser is standard equipped with a USB port, LAN ports and serial ports.

    • Power supply
      90-130V 50-60Hz / 220-240V 50-60Hz
    • Electronic Equipment
      Mainboard con CPU ARM Cortex A8, 256 MB RAM, memoria NAND 1 GB, controllo assi ad alta risoluzione
    • External connections
      2 USB 2.0 ports; 2 RS232 serial ports; 1 LAN port
    • Key Reading/Decoding System
      Electric contact
    • Lighting
      LED - lighted cutting bay
    • Movements/Axes
      2 stepper motor-operated axes
    • Jaws
      FLAT KEY SIDE: 4 sided (more Clamps are available for specific markets) LASER KEY SIDE: Clamp AC (Clamps A, B, C, D, H are available)
    • Gauge
      FLAT KEY SIDE: Automatic gauge unlock through the movement of the axes
    • Motor
      FLAT KEY SIDE: Asynchronous, 0.18 KW LASER KEY SIDE: DC electronic motor
    • Cutter
      FLAT KEY SIDE: In Widia ø 63 mm LASER KEY SIDE: In Widia ø 2,5 mm
    • Cutter Speed
      FLAT KEY SIDE: 1500-3000 rpm (variable speed according to the programmes) LASER KEY SIDE: 6000 rpm
    • Absorption
      250W (35W in stand-by)
    • Dimensions
      Width: 13" / Depth: 16" / Height: 12"
    • Weight
      80 lbs.
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