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    Key Machines - KEYLINE / BIANCHI
    EASY Duplicator-4 Sided Jaws

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    EASY Duplicator-4 Sided Jaws
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    Key cutting machine for cylinder, car and cruciform keys, with four-sided reversible jaws, that provides an optimal grip. This system guarantees a safe start of the machine, thanks to the forward movement of the carriage, and is equipped with an independent switch for the brush and with a tempered tracer with depth adjustment. The plastic protection screen and the cabling and engines protected from accidental overloads by a relay complete the safety equipment of this machine.


    Since January 2017, Easy has a new design, more functional and modern, that simplifies and improves the user experience during all the cutting phases. Thanks to new and high-techlogical components, Easy becomes even more efficient, safe and adaptable to any workstation.


    The Easy Quattro version is equipped with four-sided jaws to grip all types of keys providing more comfort and ease of use.

    • Power supply
    • Jaws
    • Motor
      Asynchronous, one speed
    • Cutter
      80mm HSS
    • Cutter Speed
      700 rpm
    • Brush
    • Absorption
      200 W
    • Dimensions
      14-1/2” x 14-1/2” x 9-1/2”
    • Weight
      42 lbs.
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