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    KABA ILCO - Duplicators Cylinder / Auto
    SPEED 044

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    SPEED 044
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    SPEED 044 Semi-Automatic Operation
    Features a spring loaded carriage that is easily engaged by the press of a button on top of the carriage. This action applies consistent cutting pressure during the entire operation.
    Modern, open styling
    The open styling of the Speed 04X line of machines allows for ease of cleaning. A large drawer-type swarf tray is located under the carriage to capture key shavings.
    Mounting bracket included for ease in securing
    the machine to a work bench.
    Four-sided jaws mean flexibility of use
    Four-sided jaws easily clamps virtually all edge cut and flat style keys present on the market.
    These jaws can be quickly and smoothly rotated by simply loosening the knob and rotating the jaw into the proper position. The 3-1/2" (88.9 mm) spacing between clamps accommodates large bow (head) and long blade keys including the flip style automotive and cruciform keys. Jaws are nickel plated for extended life.
    Wear resistant cutter
    The large cutter is TiN (Titanium Nitride) coated for long life and oxidation resistance.
    Finish keys perfectly
    Nylon, soft-touch deburring brush bristles are perfect for the finishing of cut keys.
    Optimized calibration and precise gauging
    A depth tracer system with micro-adjustment feature provides fast, precise calibration in increments of .00098" (.025mm). The standard tracer works on all edge cut keys, including Sargent®.
    Operator Safety
    Electro-magnetic “main” safety switch (machine must be manually re-started after a power interruption). A separate cutter motor switch located on the side of the motor provides safe and easy access. Belt/brush are covered and the large transparent cutter shield provides safety as well as storage for accessories.
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