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    Catalog - Inverters
    TH3000 Inverter

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    TH3000 Inverter

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    Full Output Power: 3000 Watts / 6000 Watts Peak
    Low Noise Self / Adjusting Cooling Fan
    Ground Fault Sensing with re-settable GFCI button and LED indicator - Designed to protect people against electric shock
    Remote control Input
    Electronic Circuit Protection:
    Overload Protection – Inverter will automatically shut down if load exceeds inverter rating.
    Smart Surge Control - (SSC) Ensures Smooth Start-Up of appliances .
    Voltage Protection - Whenever the input exceeds 16 volts DC or is less than 10 volts, the inverter will automatically shutdown.
    Short Circuit Protection - Automatically shuts down until short circuit is removed.
    Thermal Cutoff - Automatically shuts down if internal temperature exceeds safe design parameters.
    Continuous output power: 3000 Watts
    Surge power capability (peak power): 6000 Watts
    Output voltage: 120 Volts ac / Output frequency: 60 Hz / Output wave form: modified sine wave
    Battery low voltage shutdown: 11.0 +/- 0.5 Volts
    High input voltage protection: 16 V
    No load current: < 0.25 Amps
    Full load efficiency: 90%
    USB PORT 5 Volt 500 mA
    AC Output Socket Type: Double North American -3 prong


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