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    KABA ILCO - Duplicators Cylinder / Auto - Code High Security
    Matrix 2 Manual Duplicator

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    Matrix 2 Manual Duplicator
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    Matrix II
    The “premium” machine for the duplication of high security laser and Tibbe® style keys.
    The line of Matrix key machines has been the trusted laser key duplicating machine for many years. With the Matrix II, you will find the same rugged construction combined with many user preferred features that have made the Matrix the professional’s choice for high security key duplication.
    • Electromechanical calibration (green light and audible sound indicate completed calibration)
    • Convenient, manual power switch for LED light above work area
    • Wide transparent safety shield minimizes exposure to moving parts and chips during operation.
    • Convenient built-in storage tray on hood of machine for key blanks or tools
    • Z-axis locks in place with twist of lever
    • Separate push button micro-switch to activate cutter
    • Z-axis lever controlled cutter motor for added safety
    • Quiet cutting cycle
    • HSS (High Speed Steel) cutters and tracers improve cutter life.
    • Cutter and tracer feature colored plastic collars for easy identification.
    • Easy access tool and accessory storage drawer
    • Ergonomic designed levers require minimal effort to operate
    • Spring loaded table applies steady cutting pressure
    • Replaceable jaw surface plates provide an economical repair (normal wear) solution
    • Optional accessories available to expand capabilities (i.e. laser key code attachments, Tibbe® code attachments for Ford® and Jaguar®, optional cutters and tracers)


    Width: Footprint 12.2” (310 mm), 15.75” (400 mm) including side lever
    Height: 18.5” (470 mm)
    Depth: 15.75” (400 mm)
    Weight: 54.23 lbs. (24.6 kg)
    Voltage: 100/120V-50/60Hz, 2.3 Amp, 220 Watt
    Motor: Single Phase 1 speed; 6000 Rpm
    *Optional Accessories:
    BD0722XXXX Mercedes® Clamp Adapter set
    BD0723XXXX VW®/Audi® Clamp Adapter set
    BD0725XXXX Lexus®/Toyota® Wallet Key Adapter





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