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    KABA ILCO - Duplicators Cylinder / Auto - Code
    029A Code Cutter

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    029A Code Cutter
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    A dual function machine designed to cut automotive keys by code* or by duplication. Engineered for the increasingly precise newer generations of locks. Built to last and produce keys in an economical manner. Code capabilities can be expanded with economical component kits.

    • Dual function machine: used to cut keys by code, or duplication when an original key is available
    • Very accurate: designed to address the increasing precision of newer automotive lock designs
    • Convenient features like, numerical device to display depths of cut when used for code cutting, and a nylon brush for deburring completed keys
    • Sturdy design: Built to last! Not to be confused with products intended for "occasional" or "light" use.

    The Purchase Price of the 029A does not include any Code Accessory Kits.

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