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    KABA ILCO - Transponder Programming Tools
    TKO - Transponder Key Originator

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    TKO - Transponder Key Originator
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    Includes AUGUST 1, 2011 Software Releases


    The TKO is a second-generation programming tool that features new integrated hardware, enhanced operating software and simple cable connections. The contemporary design is compact and easy to operate.

    New Features

    • One OBDII cable eliminates all brand specific OBDII cables.

    • External CAN Router box has been replaced with new internal hardware and updated software

    • Fully loaded database including the latest 2010 software releases

    Additional Features

    • Program and originate new transponder keys
    • Program Remote Keyless Entry
    • Delete lost or stolen keys
    • Comprehensive list of vehicles
    • Fully updatable via PC & serial cable
    • Capable of reading and resetting vehicle immobilizer (anti-theft) error codes
    • On-board customer archiving capability
    • Built in “help” function to locate the vehicle’s OBDII port.


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